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Purchased a brand new condo?

If you’ve purchased a new home or condo, and you plan to live in it as your principal residence, your builder will typically claim the HST Rebate on your behalf and deduct up to $30,000 from your purchase price.

Purchased a new condo that you’re renting out?

If you’ve purchased a new condo that you plan to rent out, upon closing you’ll have to spend thousands of extra dollars, sometimes as much as $30,000. The good news is, HST Rebate Canada will help you get that money back through the government’s Condo HST Rental Rebate program.

What we’ll need for your application:

  • Copy of your 1 year lease agreement
  • Copy of your agreement of purchase and sale
  • Copy of your closing statement of adjustments

Program is 2-Years Retroactive

The Condo HST Rental Rebate program allows applications to be up to 2 years retroactive from the date of final closing. If your condo purchase closed in the past 2 years and you rented out your property, you can be eligible for this program! 

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