HST Rebate Canada

Rental Rebate

For New Construction Condo Landlords

Get up to $30,000 HST Rebate

The official program name is GST / HST New Residential Rental Property Rebate.

If you’ve purchased a new home or condo, and you plan to live in it as your principal residence, your builder will typically claim the HST Rebate on your behalf and deduct up to $30,000 from your purchase price. However, if you’ve purchased a new condo that you plan to rent out, upon closing you’ll have to spend thousands of extra dollars, sometimes as much as $30,000. The good news is, HST Rebate Canada will help you get that money back through the government’s Rental Rebate program.

In order to apply for the Rental Rebate, we’ll need i) a copy of your 1 year lease agreement, ii) a copy of your agreement of purchase and sale, iii) a copy of your closing statement of adjustments.

Claiming the Rental Rebate is simple! Get in touch with our rebate experts and we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting; we’ll make sure all of the rebate forms are filled out correctly so you receive your rebate in a timely manner.

The Rental Rebate program allows applications to be up to 2 years retroactive from the date of final closing. If your condo purchase closed in the past 2 years and you rented out your property, you can be eligible for this program!

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    Contact us to see if you qualify for the Rental Rebate

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    Send us the documents requested by our Rebate Experts

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    Within 8-12 weeks you'll receive your HST Rebate of up to $30,000

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